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So one thing that’s really frustrating about being your own one-man band, engineer, producer, and record label, is that things tend to take EXPONENTIALLY slower when attempting to release new music.  I’ve literally written hundreds of songs over the years, but you wouldn’t know it since I tend to hoard them away and save only what I think is the absolute best to show the world.  It doesn’t help that I’m also shy about this stuff, and simultaneously a perfectionist when it comes to what I love the most.

Out of all the things that I do with music, I don’t think anything is quite as satisfying as writing a new song.  It’s so exciting and feels so great to create something that wasn’t there before, and put something new into the world (I’ve always said it’s the closest thing I’ll ever get to giving birth.) When I first write a new song, I usually get really excited and record a small demo of it in its earliest form.  Usually the lyrics aren’t done, and the melody might even change later, but I like getting things down in that early stage when I’m most inspired (it also helps so I don’t forget it either, wouldn’t that be a shame!)

I’ve collected a lot of these types of demos over the years.  Some songs get finished and appear on SCS releases, some get shelved and never see the light of day, and many of them are meant to appear on later releases.  Either way, I have a bunch of these things, and I want to start sharing some.  So I’m presenting a collection of 20 never before heard demos for your enjoyment from the years 2006-2010 (in chronological order.)

Some of these songs are good, some aren’t done, some have mistakes, some might not even sound like my style, but they exist and I think there might be some people out there that want to hear them.  If people like them, I’ll share more.  If not, I’ll just keep on stockpiling away.

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