Sofa City Sweetheart/ December 14, 2011/ Uncategorized

I’m still getting over my horrible cold from last week, but nothing can stop Cover of the Week!  Here’s a Christmas tune by Weezer, which first appeared on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean Christmas Compilation CD The Real Slim Santa back in 2000.  I always loved getting these Christmas CDs growing up, and they were usually available at The Wherehouse, remember those?

These compilations always had a few cool new Christmas tunes, and a lot of ridiculous comedy skits/segments that made these CDs worth getting each Christmas.  Plus the proceeds went to charity.  Everybody wins!  I haven’t bought one in years, but the ones I still have will always bring back special Christmas memories to me.

That year’s CD was especially great due to this song being on it.  I think it’s actually a rare CD these days… I think I’ll hang on to it.

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