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So while I’m touring and working on the new album, I thought I should at least release something in the meantime, and here ’tis: The Sofa City Sweetheart EP is now available on Bandcamp!

I know this doesn’t seem too exciting, I released this EP years ago, BUT Bandcamp makes it really easy to spice things up, so thanks to that, I’m releasing a “Deluxe” version of the EP, which includes the following goodies:

• All 5 original tracks (duh)
• 5 Bandcamp exclusive BONUS tracks, including demos and alternate mixes
•  Digital booklet
• Alternate art files that were never used
• PDF lead sheets for two songs containing note-for-note melody trancsriptions and chord changes

What’s the best part about all this?  You can name your price.  This is great for people that already own the EP, and want the bonus stuff for free, but if you don’t own it yet you can buy it for any price you like.  Simply click “Buy Now” under the digital album option, and enter any number from 0-1,000,000.  You can also buy a physical copy on CD if you like, and still get all the bonus stuff with it.  Everybody wins!

Oh yeah, there’s this too, please enjoy and watch repeatedly:

Thanks to my good friend Crystal for all the hard work on that, you’re amazing Crystal!  Finally, the Super Summer Tour starts today folks, hope to see you soon!

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