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The mini tour has come and gone!  Here is a brief recap:

Day One – Los Angeles to San Francisco
This sleepy day began with us getting very little sleep and heading up north EARLY.  We crammed the Yaris with as much as she could hold and away we went!  Several hours later we arrive in a rainy San Francisco just in time for our interview on Pirate Cat Radio, an awesome independent radio station that has its own cafe inside.  We were lucky to be on DJ Russ’ (also known as “The Rock and Roll Nurse”) last show ever as he is pursuing a full time career as… a nurse!  We discussed Burt Bacharach, Scots, and why Portland used to not want people to live there.  You can check out the entire show here (our segment is at the end, near the 86 minute mark.)

San Francisco Town

After our show, we decided to pop by Ghirardelli Square and have ourselves a most delicious treat before heading out to our show that night in Mountain View.  Two hours of traffic later (it was only supposed to take 30 minutes!) we arrived and despite all of our exhaustion actually had a really great time with The Corner Laughers, a great pop group from SF.  After the show, our first real meal of the day was had at the Hong Kong Bistro nearby, and then we went over to KC’s (from The Corner Laughers) for some nice conversation before finally collapsing from exhaustion after our first long day.

Day Two – Oakland to Santa Margarita
This was a lighter day, with a shorter drive and only one show at The Porch in Santa Margarita which seems like a really cool little town I’d like to spend more time in someday.  This show was part of a “Songwriters at Play” showcase where local songwriters gather and play a few tunes, then a traveling headliner (us) perform full sets.  It was cool to see the local talent out and support all the other songwriters, I want to find more events like this, if you know of any around Los Angeles, drop me a line.

Day Three – San Luis Obispo
This day was chock-fulla-fun.  Another EARLY start because we had to be at the local radio station for a morning radio spot.  Not sure how we did it, but we were able to wake up around 7am and do a short interview and play a live cover of the Beach Boys “Little St. Nick.”  It was really fun being on a “legit” FM radio station.  The show was KSTT’s “The Coast Lounge” morning show, and I hope to get the mp3 of that soon for your listening enjoyment.  The DJ’s were funny, one of them was named KAHUNA despite not looking at all Hawaiian.

FM Radio!

After the show we had a delicious breakfast and then went back to home base to rest before heading out to Morro Bay.  The road to Morro Bay was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen!  The sky was completely engulfed with fog that it would pile up on itself and create these sort of “fog mountains.”  I can’t quite put into words how beautiful this fog was, you really have to see the pictures and even those don’t do them justice.  Not one bit.  If you’re ever in Central California, try to see this for yourself.

After playing around in Morro Bay and lunch at Avila Beach, we eventually headed back for our last show at Linnaea’s.  They made us a really awesome poster without us even knowing.  The show was a lot of fun and we got to meet a few of the locals.  Normandie and I played a set of covers after each of our own solo sets which was really rad and something we hope to do more often.

Day Four – Buellton/Solvang
This wasn’t a tour day at all, but we got to do some really fun stuff as we took our sweet time coming home. After breakfast with our pals Evan and Lynn in SLO, we headed home and made a few awesome stops.  The first one was a trip to Pea Soup Andersen’s in Buellton, an amazing restaurant where everything is centered around their amazing pea soup!  Really, everything in the restaurant is green.  From the signs, to the walls, to the napkins, and even the salt and pepper shakers, it is the emerald city of pea soup.  After that, we went a few miles down the road to OSTRICH LAND in Solvang.

Ostrich Land!

After feeding some very aggressive ostriches, we  hung out a bit in Solvang visiting the various shops, the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, and Mission Santa Ines before finally heading home.  After all that, we decided there was only one way to properly celebrate the end of our successful voyage: by watching Back To The Future Part III!

Here are all of the pictures, make sure to check out Normandie’s blog too for more goodness.

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