Sofa City Sweetheart/ November 17, 2010/ Luna

Results are in from the big race last weekend!

• My 10k Time: 1:14:42.1
• Pace: 12:03/Mile
• Place: 193rd
• Place in my age group: 15th
• Place in my gender: 100th (I’m not sure why they have such detailed stats…)
• Number of 10k races ever raced: 1

Thanks to everyone that donated/raced.  I personally tripled the amount of money that I raised last year, my team raised close to $2000, and the entire race earned over $63,000 for pediatric and adult brain tumor research (about $20,000 more than last year!)  These monies will be awarded to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, UCLA, and Cedars Sinai for the purpose of furthering brain tumor research.  Awesome!  Plus, it’s not too late to donate if you still want to help the cause.

Here are a few pictures, I didn’t take too many because I was running a race.  Check out that crazy digital tag on my shoe, it tracked my race time!

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157625408390568″]

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