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UPDATE: I went to the first day of the convention the other night, where a live reenactment of the Libyan chase scene was held during an outdoor screening of part one.  Click here for pictures/video from that.
There are lots of things going on in the next few weeks for the 25th anniversary of Back To The Future, from the trilogy reissues to the convention (where you can actually take Hoverboarding 101!)  The other night I went to see part one on the big screen at the AMC Puente Hills 20, at the same mall where it was originally shot.  It was kind of surreal being IN the mall while watching Marty outrun the Libyans in the parking lot outside.  I pretended that it was actually happening out there while the movie was playing.  I mean, who’s to say it wasn’t?

It was awesome.  They gave out commemorative posters, Claudia Wells (the original Jennifer Parker) gave a Q & A beforehand, and there was even a decked-out DeLorean parked outside blasting music from the movie.  Being a huge BTTF fan, I was in nerd heaven.

Here are some pictures from this glorious event:

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More BTTF stuff:

• An actual good BTTF game is set to release soon (unlike those other ones) with Bob Gale and Christopher Lloyd participating!
Sexy Back To The Future items for sale benefiting the Michael J. Fox Foundation.
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• Also, check out James Rolfe’s blog entry where he visits the mall and matches up shots from the original movie to the present day.  Thanks to the nerd and all nerd fans for reading this, check out my music if you get a chance!

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