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So after a few months of planning, mastering, designing, and dreaming, The J. Lopez Collective is finally AVAILABLE NOW!

The J. Lopez Collective

Available now in the Sofa City Sweetheart Online Superstore! FREE SHIPPING for a limited time only! (Cheapest way to get the CD)

Digital downloads also available through CD Baby, iTunes, Napster, and Amazon MP3.  Digital album on sale for only $4.99 for a limited time only through CD Baby!


This collection of acoustic demos, silly songs, and recording experiments was recorded in 2005, but I never got around to releasing them properly.  I distrubuted a small number of burned copies to friends and family, but it wasn’t mastered and most likely had a different tracklist.  Here it is in its final form, with 30 tracks for your listening pleasure!   Most of these songs are demos and ideas that never got fully developed, and is definitely a “quantity” over “quality” project.

After graduating college, I had this overwhelming sense of doom for some reason and got this irrational thought in my head that I was going to die soon.  That paired with a lot of extra time on my hands led to an extremely creative period of my musical life.  I was still writing and preparing songs for a full-length album with my old band, The Fictions, but also managed to write and record all of these songs in a very short period of time (most of these songs were recorded between 6/05-12/05).   I didn’t have the best recording software or training in the world, but it didn’t matter.  I had too many songs in my head and needed to get them recorded before I “ran out of time.”

Well, I never died, but I did end up writing a lot of songs.

The Fictions broke up shortly thereafter, the album never got recorded, and these songs were somewhat forgotten as the whole band breakup left me severely bummed out.   Several years passed as I focused on going to school for audio engineering, building a studio in my house, and recording the Sofa City Sweetheart EP.  I eventually listened to these songs later on and realized that most of these recordings were pretty decent, and something that people might want to hear someday.

I really hope you’d like to hear them.

Stay tuned for PART TWO, where I explain what the hell these songs are about.

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