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Anyone Who’s Anyone #OCTA20 Cover Contest

Sofa City Sweetheart/ June 20, 2016/ Uncategorized

One of my favorite bands of all time was having a cover contest for the 20th anniversary of one of their albums, and I got peer-pressured into doing it last minute. I’m glad I faced up and didn’t take the bench on this one. This one’s for all the Sloan fans out there!

Stop the Thinking – Acoustic Video!

Sofa City Sweetheart/ September 14, 2015/ LP

While we’re waiting for the new album, I thought I’d share some music from it. So here’s the Sofa City classic, “Stop the Thinking” played live and acoustic in a beautiful park. Hope you enjoy! Thanks to Lynsey Lee for helping me shoot it!

Good Grief

Sofa City Sweetheart/ December 25, 2014/ Uncategorized

Here’s an arrangement I came up with the other day.  MERRY CHRISTMAS CHARLIE BROWN!

Tonight You Belong To Me

Sofa City Sweetheart/ August 19, 2014/ Uncategorized

I haphazardly recorded this a while ago so I wouldn’t forget the uke fingerings (since I never play uke,) swore I would never share it… and here I go sharing it since it didn’t come out as horrible as I remember.  Enjoy?  

X-Men Theme Song

Sofa City Sweetheart/ May 23, 2014/ Uncategorized

I got so excited about the new X-Men movie, I started playing with myself!