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Super(b) Exitos – OUT NOW!

Sofa City Sweetheart/ April 19, 2019/ LP, Uncategorized

My friends, it is time. My new album Super(b) Exitos is available NOW on all major music services (links below). I want to thank every single one of you for supporting me on this journey. It’s been a long ride and I am very lucky to have so many people that believe in me and my music. A longer thankful post to come, but for now, please enjoy the music,

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The Things She Do OUT NOW!

Sofa City Sweetheart/ September 18, 2012/ Uncategorized

Behold!  Music! So the day is finally here and my new digital single is out now!  It’s called THE THINGS SHE DO and is available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, and… pretty much anywhere you could possibly buy music downloads.  But, you can still get it for FREE by downloading it on Bandcamp!  What are you waiting for?  Go get it!  Tell your friends! Show your mom!  Shout

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Swoop’s World Interview

Sofa City Sweetheart/ April 13, 2012/ Uncategorized

For those of you that missed my interview the other day, never fear!  It has been archived here for your listening pleasure.  Listen as we discuss the new record, how I got into music, and how I’m not as sexy as Prince.  Also includes me playing a few live songs, and you can even hear a preview of a new single too, amazing! You can go directly to the mp3

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