Thank you for being awesome!  I’m a 100% independent musician, and I simply cannot do this alone.  That’s where YOU come in!

Here are some easy ways that you can help out:

• Click the “Like” button you see on the right side of this page.  —————————————>
THIS IS THE EASIEST THING YOU CAN DO and will actually help, every little bit helps.

• Go here (after you’ve clicked “Like”) and click the “Invite Friends” link on the right side of the page.  When the box pops up, go to the top left of that box and click on “Recent Interactions,” then select “Search All Friends.”  Select all of your coolest friends and then hit the “Submit” button.  Now sit back and wait for all of your friends to thank you for making their lives more awesome.  It’s a WIN-WIN!

• Join the mailing list.  I don’t send emails too often (1-2 times a month TOPS) and if you’re on this page you should be on the list.  Share the link with friends that you like.

• Review the albums on iTunes and CD Baby.  You don’t have to lie, just be honest.  These really help out, and show that people are listening to the music.  You can even make an iMix of some of your favorite bands, throw some SCS on it, and share it with your friends!

• If you use Twitter, go here and hit “Follow.”  It would be really great if you could also tell your followers to follow me, or retweet any tweets you deem worthy.

• Visit my YouTube page and hit the “Subscribe” button.  Like/favorite/comment on any videos you dig.  If you’re really awesome, you can feature any video of mine on your page after you add it to your favorites.  Just click on the “+ Add to” button, and select “Favorites.”  Then go to your own channel and select “Videos and Playlists” and select the video you want to feature (you might have to select “My Favorites” under the “Featured content set” option.)

• Go to the SCS Bandcamp page, and click “Like,” “Tweet,” and/or the “Share/Embed” option above the track listing and select your favorite platform to share music on, or embed the album onto any website!  (You can do this for each release in the discography.)

• Follow me on Instagram.  Like any pictures you want, and tell your followers to get with the program by following “@sofa_city.”

• Tell a friend or two to come to a live show with you.  Maybe bring a few pals to the next one.  If you don’t have any friends, bring strangers!

Download the latest flyer and post it somewhere online.  Print it out even, and pass them out to complete strangers!

• Get “” tattooed onto your face.  Make sure the font is large and easy to read.  Also make sure the text is correct, you may want to print out a copy of the website to make sure your tattoo artist gets it right.

• Go to any online forums you’re a member of (Facebook groups, bulletin boards, chat rooms, etc…) and post a link to if you think any group members would enjoy my music

• Think of more ways to help?  Let me know by writing to:

I can’t thank you enough for doing any or all of these things.  I’m not sure if anyone even made it this far, but if you did, then I love you.  If you actually did some of these things (if you don’t get the tattoo I GUESS that’s okay) then send me an email and I will reward you!  Just let me know what you would like, and I will do my best to make it happen (yes anything, try me!)