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Bad and Ugly, but Some Good Too.

Sofa City Sweetheart/ January 4, 2016/ Uncategorized

Had a mini nervous breakdown in the studio last night. I had been struggling ALL NIGHT to get this mix right, and it wasn’t working… But I just kept working anyway. I eventually took a break to listen to THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY soundtrack for inspiration. That thing is gorgeous. So after that, I felt inspired. Plus, there was a picture of Clint Eastwood on it. It’s hard to

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Showtime: Yolanda Court House

Sofa City Sweetheart/ April 22, 2015/ Uncategorized

I’m playing my first proper show in a very long time this Friday and I hope you can join me! There will be lots of good music plus there are rumors about free pizza, so there is no possible way you can go wrong by attending. This is a house venue, so the address won’t be publicly listed. If you are in the LA/SGV area and want to come, drop

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Good Grief

Sofa City Sweetheart/ December 25, 2014/ Uncategorized

Here’s an arrangement I came up with the other day.  MERRY CHRISTMAS CHARLIE BROWN!

God Help The Girl Screening & Belle and Sebastian Tribute!

Sofa City Sweetheart/ September 8, 2014/ Uncategorized

I’m very excited to be playing this event: a screening of the new Stuart Murdoch film “God Help The Girl” PLUS a Belle and Sebastian tribute show right before the screening!  I’ll be singing one of my favorite songs, joined by a slew of great musicians paying tribute to one of today’s greatest living bands. Join me this Friday at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana!