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So our tour is finally in full swing, and it’s been a little tough to find time to update from the road, but now I’m enjoying a lovely day off in Seattle, Washington where the sun won’t set until 9pm.  Awesome.

So far we’ve played three shows, driven over 1,000 miles, and encountered many interesting people/things.  It’s been really swell so far, traveling the country and playing music.  Everyone’s been really nice to us and we’ve consumed lots and lots of delicious free food and drinks.  We played at an awesome ice cream parlor last night, and that of course meant free delicious ice cream.  Life is good.  REALLY good.

I’ll be trying to blog more as the days go on, but make sure to keep an eye on my twitter page for quick updates and pictures, I’ll also be uploading a full tour photo set on the flickr page soon, and you will definitely want to see those shots.  Here’s one of them:

More gold coming soon.  Make sure to keep an eye on Normandie’s tour blog too, and tune in to Hollow Earth Radio tomorrow night (Monday) at 10pm, we’ll be live on the air!

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