Sofa City Sweetheart/ March 4, 2010/ Uncategorized

How is it March already?  Anyway, two new things to share with y’alls, one is this hilarious website I found online while googling “Sofa City Sweetheart”:

These things really blow my mind sometimes. How exactly did this come to be?  I can’t even comprehend how this information was compiled.  I’m actually extremely curious to see the Sofa City Sweetheart Webkin.  It’s also pretty cool how Natasha Lyonne and Seinfeld (specifically season three) are related topics.

In other news, after working on the Sofa City Sweetheart infomercial (coming soon!) one night, my friend Crystal and I decided to spontaneously burst into song.  Check out this adorable video of us singing a Zombies cover:

That’s it for today, lots of things coming in the next few months!  Stay tuned!

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